Our exclusive Poolife chemicals offer a wide variety of products that treat pools and keep them crystal clear all season long.

Products of note:

Is your pool looking more like a pond than an oasis? Back to Blue can do just as its name says and get your pool looking pretty again in as little as 72 hours.

Do you have stubborn algae that won't go away even with a balanced pool? Defend+ algaecide will kill the algae initially and then keep it away with a monthly dose.

Are you maintaining your pool as you should be with another brand, but just aren't getting the results you want? MPT Tablets and Brite Stix have the same amount of chlorine as other tablets, with the added bonus of a built in clarifier and algaecide. The blue specs tell all the difference. The MPT tablets can go right in your existing floater, or if you would prefer not to have a floater at all, the Brite Stix are made to slowly dissolve directly through your skimmer.

Turbo Shock
is the highest concentrated pool shock available on the market. Don't let another shock fool you into thinking it is a better deal. Shocks such as Clorox have a sodium-dichlor percentage of 63% while the available chlorine is as low as 39%. Turbo Shock has 78% calcium hypochlorite and and available chlorine percentage of 75%.

No matter your pool needs, Poolife has a product that is just right for you.poolife-products.jpg

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